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Don’t Skip on Primers. They’ll Save Time & Money.

Don’t Skip on Primers. They’ll Save Time & Money.

When the weekend warrior begins to do some painting at home, the first thing that they usually want is to finish as quickly as possible. That may lead to a mistake that professional painters must come in and fix. Economy is also a consideration for the do-it-yourselfer. What may seem economical, like not using a primer for an interior painting job, might become just the opposite in the long run.

When Primers are Needed to do the Job Right

When painting outside here in Seattle, or anywhere else for that matter, a primer is always the best option. Indoors it may not be necessary but there are times when it’s a big help and a big money saver.

Prime Stained Wood Trim

Take the stained piece of wood around a window for example. The paint you choose may cover it up, but the type of stain could be one that will bleed through the new paint quickly. This means that you’ll need to repaint much faster than you’d like. Using a primer first will prevent this from happening.

Special Primers for Kitchens and Bathrooms

The room you’re painting is also a consideration. A kitchen has more humidity due to cooking, so a vapor barrier covering essential. This primer prevents humidity from passing into the walls and condensing on your insulation. The moisture can then escape later and interfere with the paint you’ve recently applied. There are primers for bathrooms that in addition to barring vapor penetration they’ll also prevent mold and mildew buildup – another stain prevention feature that will result in a longer paint life.

Coat Drywall and Dark Walls with Primer

A coat of primer before painting new drywall will also keep you on budget. New drywall really soaks up the paint – good primer seals drywall and helps lead to a more even coating and less paint use. If you’re painting over a white wall with a darker color a tinted primer coat may save you time and money because fewer coats will be needed.

The professional painters at Tera Painting in Seattle are a great choice if you want to forego all the time and effort for an indoor painting job. We know the best primers and techniques for making your house or business beautiful inside and out. We’re a veteran-run business with the perfect plan for every painting job you have in mind; call us today!

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