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It’s that time of year – not just for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, but for (almost) the entire country; when winter turns to spring, and spring turns to summer, lending to the perfect painting weather. While much of the U.S. is still having a cold, rainy day here and there – particularly in Washington state – that’s actually good news. The ever-changing weather means that painting contractors are gearing up for the summer season, and you, as the homeowner, still have time to prep your home for summer exterior painting. If you follow the below tips and tricks to make your summer painting session as easy as possible, your house painter will be sure to thank you for it!

Cutting Back

Cut shrubs and other plant items growing up against the house as much as possible. 6” is the bleeding edge of what’s needed, but 16”+ is preferred; this way, we can get an arm, not a hand, between the substrate and the vegetation in question. This makes the whole painting process much more simple. Another added bonus is that the CDC states that gardening or doing physical activity in your yard is good for your health – so you’re not only prepping your home for a beautiful paint job, but also well on your way to living longer as you work in your yard!

Roofing + Windows

If you’re working on a roofing or window project, have those completed prior to painting. A properly done roofing job will often involve removing siding on the dormers so flashing can be properly fitted behind the siding. This will obviously leave some residual damage to the siding that can be easily cleaned up by a professional painting crew, like Tera Painting.

Windows often involve the installation of new fascias, which are often installed by cutting into the existing siding and nailing/caulking those pieces into place. You will want to get that caulked surface painted, and the typically-pre-primed window trim painted within 90 days of installation so they are protected from UV rays and your expensive window job does not degrade!

Mossy Roofs

If you have a mossy roof that needs to be cleaned off, install some zinc strips at the ridge a few months before a painting crew arrives, so the moss dies by the time your painter gets there. Moss presents a safety hazard, especially in the rainy Northwest. A painting contractor can remove it with a pressure washer, but that puts a lot of wear and tear on your shingles. It’s better to kill it using zinc, or a caustic solution like baking soda or lye; that way, it will come off very easily, reducing the amount of effort a contractor needs to make, and reduce the likelihood that a painter will damage your roof when washing it. Make sure to let your estimator know you would like your roof washed, as this is something that is often not included in a base service for a house painter.

Window Maintenance: Washing

Tera Painting, for example, can contract with one of our preferred window washers if you like, but if you already have one that knows your home and routinely cleans your windows for you, it is probably cheaper to have them schedule to come out when we are done to freshen things up. Painting is very physical, and it’s difficult to go a whole job without placing a hand on a window. And if your home requires extensive preparations, residues from that process will need to be cleaned off. If you would like this included in your painting bid, let your estimator know!

Plantings + Gardens

If you enjoy gardening, save the new flowers and shrubs for after your exterior paint job. To do the great work we do, we need to spend a lot of time very close to your house. If you have new shrubs and flowers, it is extremely time consuming to work around them (hot tip: this can drastically increase the price of the bid).

Following the simple rules of the trade above will not only lend to a more efficient and timely painting experience, but will also save you money! If you have had your home painted recently, how did you prep it? Let us know in the comments!

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