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Tera Painting is a leading Seattle painting company that also provides high-quality drywall repair and contracting work with extensive knowledge in patching drywall. Whether your drywall needs a minor repair before being painted or might have water damage, we have got you covered. Repairing any holes, cracks, or dents in drywall is crucial before any paint touches it, so allow Tera Painting to perform both of those tasks!

Why a Painting Company?

The number one question people have regarding this topic is: Why should I have a painting company, like Tera Painting, repair or replace my drywall? Shouldn’t I just hire a Seattle drywall company for the repair? In short, it will save you time and money. Instead of going through the hassle to find two separate contractors to replace or repair the drywall and then paint it, you can just have the painting company do all the work. This will save you time of waiting for both contractors and the price of paying for both. Everyone knows that time is money, and we provide the efficient work you desire when remodeling your home’s interior.

Why should I repair my drywall’s before painting?

To ensure the highest quality paint job for your home, we must make sure what we are painting is properly repaired. If drywall contains cracks, blemishes, or holes, it’s likely that these damages will spread or get worse over time. Painting over a cracked wall is not a great option, as the crack can spread in the future and ruin your new interior paint job. Here at Tera Painting, we will provide the fresh drywall you need to get that new paint job. Performing the proper repairs on your drywall before you paint it is making sure your money is well invested and that you get the results you desire from a drywall repair and painting. To simply put it, painting over fresh and smooth drywall will last in an interior paint coat that lasts much longer.

Seattle Drywall Repairs

No matter the severity of your drywall accident in your Seattle home, Tera Painting will be able to provide the proper drywall repairs. Not all drywall damages are accidents, as special holes must be taken out of drywall for a variety of reasons that we can repair later. This includes but is not limited to accessing plumbing, installing insulation, running cables on the inside of a wall, or performing pest control in your Seattle home. Even the shifting of whole buildings could damage your drywall. As homes or buildings settle in, they can shift and cause cracks within your drywall. Allow us to repair these large cracks in your wall, provide a fresh coat of paint, and transform the interior of your home.

Faulty plumbing or insulation can be a real problem to the drywall in your Seattle home. Water and moisture will soften drywall’s and cause them to mold from the inside. As soon as the problem can be identified and fixed, we can provide drywall repair job needed next in your home.

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Don’t be afraid to have Seattle painting company Tera Painting perform your next drywall repairs! We have the proper knowledge to give the highest-quality drywall repairs needed for your next interior property painting. As simple as a job that patching drywall sounds like it is, it’s best to leave drywall repair to the professionals.

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